About ME

With over 30 years of accumulated experience, the team at ME Fitness has handled over 10,000 projects in Hong Kong and Macau making the company one of the largest and most well respected equipment suppliers in the health and fitness industry today.

As our commitment to your success, ‘ME Fitness’ stands for ‘Members Experience’ with the company’s mission statement declaring ‘your customers are our customers’ stressing the point that as long as your members and guests are happy, both the operators and ME Fitness will be happy.

Through experience and exploration, our sales and technical teams at ME Fitness have gained invaluable knowledge of the fitness equipment supply business heralding our role in providing hi-tech, state of the art equipment and total solutions for operators of fitness centres and clubs. Our first-hand expertise in club management, consultation, operations and fitness training readily provides smart solutions for club operators.

Our comprehensive packages bring together cutting edge hardware and software technology to support and improve the management of operations and facilities. Through this we have helped both local and international clients; residents’ clubhouses, private clubs, hotels and resorts – including professional athletics clubs – to save money and evade problems during the start-up and design stages whilst bringing the latest innovative technology to end-users.