We provide an all rounded enquiry service and technical support based on the highlight of the building’s architecture and project requirement. Starting from client’s ideation, our professional consultants will be happy to discuss and develop the most suitable and practical solution for your project, based on but not limited to the interior design features, practical environmental design, users’ expectation and budgeting. We will also prepare and provide all necessary sketchwork and write ups to ensure client’s management understands the project idea effectively and efficiently.

During implementation, we will meetup clients on a regular basis for progress update and review, and we can extend flexibility on design and implementation timely based on actual needs to perfect the project. Our professional consultants will also provide equipments training to your operation team and let them have a comprehensive understanding of the correct way to use the equipments, their professional benefits, and of course how to ensure all users’ safety. Our one stop solution also provide technical support, regular warranty and emergency maintenance so you can put your mind at ease.

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