I’m always on the look out for a good sandwich since I bring lunch to work a couple of times a week.  That’s where this smashed chickpea avocado sandwich comes in.  I made an avocado feta dip a little while ago and I kept thinking it would make a good sandwich spread.  Then I thought about adding something to it to make a proper sandwich.  Smashed chickpeas turned out to be the perfect addition.

This is a tasty, filling sandwich that’s high in fiber.  The avocado holds everything together well and the sandwich has some crunch due to the addition of celery.  It’s an easy sandwich to take to work or out on a picnic – it travels well – no soggy bread here.

Sometimes I find the taste of raw chickpeas to be a bit too… raw.  I was debating whether to roast them but by adding scallions, parsley and lemon to the mix it has taken the edge off of the chickpeas and balanced everything out nicely with a bright, fresh taste.  Also, roasting the chickpeas would take a considerable amount of time.  I love that you can whip this smashed chickpea avocado sandwich up in about 10 minutes and have enough for 4 sandwiches.

A couple of notes:

Chickpeas have a translucent skin on them.  When you smash up the chickpeas, the skins come loose.  You can either leave them alone and just add the smashed chickpeas as is to the avocado mixture or spend a minute or two picking the skins out.  That’s what I did – I didn’t go crazy trying to get every last one – just picked out the obvious ones.

I served this on sour dough toast but you can use any bread you have – whole wheat would be fantastic and, of course, a pita would be an obvious choice.

If you have any leftover chickpea mixture it refrigerates well – I just pressed a piece of plastic wrap down along the top of the smashed chickpeas mixture.  It looked the same the next day – the avocado did not turn brown.