Reax Board

Length  250cm / 98,42″

Height  31cm | 12,20″

Width  125cm/ 49,21″

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Reaxing is a lifestyle, a new way of moving, thinking, training

Reaxing finds its roots in the idea that every day we’re exposed to unpredictable situations. The ability to react is the cornerstone of our psychophysical well-being. When something unexpected occurs, we are expected to react with our body and mind. These two entities are strictly connected. We receive information from our senses, then our central nervous system integrates them. Biomechanical, biochemical and biophysical reactions define our body wellness. Thinking, moving, reacting, resting and training are Reaxing verbs.

At least once in a lifetime, everyone must get back on his feet after a fall

At least once in a lifetime, everyone must get back on his feet after a fall. Disappointments, difficulties and bad days really put a strain on our physical and psychological balance. As for every intelligent animal, these interferences should trigger our sense of reaction, which should be able to restore our balance and our adaptability. After any fall, adjustments, emotional awareness and control of our perceptions will bring us self- confidence. That’s how we learn to handle our next challenges in a rational and quick way. The Reaxing behavior comes across when we drive our emotions to a proactive and positive direction.