DIMENSIONS LWH: 46″ X 17″ X 10″ (117 CM X 44 CM X 26 CM)



It’s a Stepper. It’s a Bench. It’s the best surface ever devised for crunches and your pushups will never be the same. It’s an air-filled, core building, multifaceted balance machine. It’s the most versatile Group-X tool available. It’s THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME


We have a hard time leaving the status quo alone around here, particularly when it doesn’t make sense. Let’s face it, there is an optimal shape for everything, tires work best when they’re round, tables when they are flat and things that go against your body work best – when they are shaped as such. Balls were meant for kicking, bouncing and telling your boss to get away (they’re balls, that’s whay they do). Not to mention, have you ever tried to stand on – or do a crunch on a half ball? Certainly they do not roll, however they still lack space, versatility, and dare we say “imagination”.